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Heart Alchemy Integrative Wellness is a dynamic healing arts and consultation service. We support our client’s wellness goals by identifying underlying imbalances through 1:1 coaching, partnering to create a unique protocol that best serves each client’s journey towards feeling vibrant, grounded, heart-centered, and empowered. We see layers of chronic stress, traumatic experiences, and an overall disconnect from the cycles of Nature as the common underlying barriers to optimum health.*

At Heart Alchemy, we are here to guide you towards increased vitality by offering different healing modalities with plans to expand our offerings as we grow.

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Makaela Bamonti

Kambo practitioner | Yoga teacher
Amy M.

Makaela was amazing to work with. She took as much time as I needed prior to scheduling my sessions to explain how the medicine and kambo ceremony process works, answering my questions and how she was trained. We discussed the best approach for my autoimmune condition, and she was very thorough with the questions and preparation. I did a series of 3 sessions with her, and each time she made me feel so comfortable and supported.


Makaela did a great job at making me feel safe during my Kambo medicine experience! She is kind, attentive, and great at helping to set intentions. She assisted me in finding the right words for what I am trying to heal and manifest. It felt good to be in my home and own space while being served Kambo. She made me feel protected and powerful! Makaela also checked on me later in the day to see how I was feeling after my experience. I’m thankful to have connected with her and utilize her services.


I would highly recommend Makaela as a guide through safely using this beautiful medicine frog. I had some nervousness coming into my first session and she quickly eased my jitters with her calm presence. She holds a safe and nurturing space that allows you to be open to the medicine experience. She gets down to the core of your intention, which helps tremendously when Kambo begins to work through you. I felt fully supported and guided through this journey with Kambo!

Courtney G.

Makaela is a true medicine woman and warrior. My kambo experience with her was pure magic. She made me feel so comfortable. She held space for me to release deep feelings I barely knew existed. She is intuitive and nurturing. Her strong connection to the medicine Kambo is beautiful and inspiring. I highly recommend sitting with her if you feel called. Her ceremony space is very inviting and full of loving energy. My life is forever changed and I can't wait until our next sit together.

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Johnnie Heider-Kuhn

Kambo practitioner | Herbalist | Nutritionist
Ali A.

I was skeptical to receive Kambo outside of its jungle home, but Johnnie did an absolutely seamless job at making me feel like I was there.  He created such a powerful container that I couldn’t be anything other than completely tuned into the helping spirits and my body.  He also went above and beyond in supporting my dieta, made me feel totally safe, and took impeccable care of me in ceremony. Between his counseling and medicine, I made leaps and bounds in my healing. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!

Logan T.

I had the pleasure of meeting Johnnie at the beginning of this year, seeking out Kambo to aid in my journey of healing multiple sclerosis naturally. After three beautiful, challenging, life-changing Kambo ceremonies and plenty of nutrition consultations, I can confidently say Johnnie is an asset to my health care team and a wonderful friend. His ability to hold space during ceremony and even over a zoom call is unmatched. He’s a wealth of knowledge, and since my diagnosis, I’ve learned more about my health and nutrition in the past six months than on my own/from my doctors over the past few years. I can’t recommend Johnnie enough!

Justin W.

I have sat with Kambo a number of times, but found a new appreciation for the medicine with Johnnie’s space that he held. I felt attended to and cared for from start to finish, which hasn’t been the case for me in some prior ceremonies. The medicine felt as though it was easier to navigate despite its intensity, and the benefits/shifts lasted quite a long time. For anyone new to Kambo or experienced with it, I can safely recommend Johnnie as an incredibly competent practitioner.

Madhavi R.

Johnnie is a knowledgeable and well versed clinical herbalist. I have been working with him one on one as part of my wellness journey looking to find better ways to find balance in my physical and mental wellbeing. He is attentive to detail and has created tinctures specific for my needs to help align me with better health and wellness. He is patient, empathic and gives a comforting presence for me to feel safe to be vulnerable and share my health concerns with him. I highly recommend anyone seeking ways to better their wellness to work with Johnnie. You will not be disappointed! I thank you Jonnie for your support, patience and wealth of knowledge you share with me. I am so blessed to have found you!