Johnnie Heider-Kuhn

Clinical herbalist and sacred space holder

Vitalistic Herbalism | Nutrition | Kambo

Johnnie Heider-Kuhn has been deepening his relationship to Nature since a young age, practicing Vitalistic herbalism since 2015. He sees people-care and planet-care as inextricably linked, aiming to be a bridge between plants and people.

Johnnie has been holding space for clients since 2017, combining Western Herbalism, holistic nutrition, crystal healing, with an intuitive coaching style. A queer herbalist with commercial experience in growing, extracting, and blending botanical formulas. Answering an 11-year calling in the Spring of 2021, he was initiated into the Matsés tradition of applying Acate (Kambȏ) for physical, spiritual, and energetic cleansing. He travelled to the Peruvian Amazon to meet the frog and deepen his connection with the jungle in the Fall of 2022. His focus is supporting clients navigating chronic stress, autoimmune conditions, sleep disruptions, digestive system imbalances, and metabolic health through a trained Vitalistic lens.

When introduced to properly matched herbs in correct servings, coached through optimizing their diet, removing food triggers, and making key lifestyle adjustments, clients experience improvements in their quality of life, resistance to stress, and overall health.* Johnnie loves working 1:1 with clients to co-create a unique protocol and/or series of ceremonies tailored to their needs and circumstances, celebrating the wins together along the way.

Johnnie suffered a near-death experience (NDE) following a severe head trauma as a toddler, followed by years of petit mal seizures and chronic migraines treated with a combination of Western medicine and nutrition. The NDE inspired a lifelong Nature-based spirituality and thirst for knowledge, reinforced by a mystical experience with psilocybin mushrooms in 2009. This transformative journey began his spiritual initiation into the mysteries of Gaia’s medicine, shortly before completing his B.A. in Counseling Psychology and Fine Art.

Life led him to the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in 2015 where he studied with Lisa Ganora, Josh Paquette, Kat MacKinnon, Paul Bergner, and others. Here, he deepened his connection to plant medicine while witnessing Vitalistic therapeutics radically improve his resistance to stress, inflammation levels, blood pressure, mental and emotional health, skin health, and cellular energy.* An urban farmer and permaculturalist, his approach to holistic nutrition is informed by three decades of growing plants from seed and a deep love of cooking with local, seasonal ingredients. While operating a one-acre urban farm with his husband in Lakewood, Colorado from 2016-2021, it became apparent to Johnnie that planet care and people care are inextricably linked.

Johnnie is a professional member of the American Botanical Council, Associate Member of the American Herbalist Guild, and he sits on several committees for the American Herbal Products Association.


Johnnie Heider-Kuhn

Kambo practitioner | Herbalist | Nutritionist
Ali A.

I was skeptical to receive Kambo outside of its jungle home, but Johnnie did an absolutely seamless job at making me feel like I was there.  He created such a powerful container that I couldn’t be anything other than completely tuned into the helping spirits and my body.  He also went above and beyond in supporting my dieta, made me feel totally safe, and took impeccable care of me in ceremony. Between his counseling and medicine, I made leaps and bounds in my healing. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!

Logan T.

I had the pleasure of meeting Johnnie at the beginning of this year, seeking out Kambo to aid in my journey of healing multiple sclerosis naturally. After three beautiful, challenging, life-changing Kambo ceremonies and plenty of nutrition consultations, I can confidently say Johnnie is an asset to my health care team and a wonderful friend. His ability to hold space during ceremony and even over a zoom call is unmatched. He’s a wealth of knowledge, and since my diagnosis, I’ve learned more about my health and nutrition in the past six months than on my own/from my doctors over the past few years. I can’t recommend Johnnie enough!

Justin W.

I have sat with Kambo a number of times, but found a new appreciation for the medicine with Johnnie’s space that he held. I felt attended to and cared for from start to finish, which hasn’t been the case for me in some prior ceremonies. The medicine felt as though it was easier to navigate despite its intensity, and the benefits/shifts lasted quite a long time. For anyone new to Kambo or experienced with it, I can safely recommend Johnnie as an incredibly competent practitioner.

Madhavi R.

Johnnie is a knowledgeable and well versed clinical herbalist. I have been working with him one on one as part of my wellness journey looking to find better ways to find balance in my physical and mental wellbeing. He is attentive to detail and has created tinctures specific for my needs to help align me with better health and wellness. He is patient, empathic and gives a comforting presence for me to feel safe to be vulnerable and share my health concerns with him. I highly recommend anyone seeking ways to better their wellness to work with Johnnie. You will not be disappointed! I thank you Jonnie for your support, patience and wealth of knowledge you share with me. I am so blessed to have found you!