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(a.k.a. Kambo, Campu, Sapo)

is the waxy skin secretions of the Giant Monkey Tree Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor), containing 16 bioactive peptides which, when applied through blisters on the skin, produce a variety of physiological, emotional, and spiritual effects.*

Kambȏ is a shamanic ceremony we witness working in multiple dimensions, clearing energetic, emotional, and physical blocks that prevent us feeling our best. Kambȏ produces an incredible resilience and open-heartedness in humans.*

Acaté - an ancient practice with modern applications

While no human clinical trials of Kambȏ exist, many have anecdotally reported working with Kambȏ to successfully support Vitality in the face of conditions including: Lyme disease, mold exposure, elevated blood pressure, trauma, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, mild and occasional depression or anxiety, listlessness, languishing, low libido, fertility issues, recovery from viral infections, poor circulation, frequent headaches, drug, tobacco, and alcohol addiction recovery, entity attachments, musculoskeletal pain, and more.*

Acaté/Kambȏ is known to indigenous tribes of South America as the vaccina de la floresta and as one of the strongest ways to empower and support your immune, nervous, endocrine, digestive, and circulatory systems. Kambȏ produces an incredible resilience and open-heartedness in humans.*

Harvesting Acaté

The Kambȏ we work with is sourced directly from a subset of Matsés people living near Iquitos, Peru, accessed by boat and hiking 6 miles on foot through the jungle. Acaté is harvested with utmost care and respect for the Amazon Rainforest, and the frogs, by indigenous hands. Funds from buying the Kambȏ pallets directly support the livelihoods and longevity of our indigenous partners. Additionally a minimum of 5% of our profits from our ceremonies are donated to Acate Rainforest Conservation, with more conservation projects under review. We believe in partnering directly with our suppliers in order to maintain reciprocity while supporting the long-term goals of the community from which we source this powerful substance.

The frogs are called early in the morning, gently collected, and carefully tied by the wrists and ankles with a fibrous plant, stretched out on 4 sticks. They are mildly aggravated which causes them discomfort. The frogs are then released after harvesting a portion of their secretions with a flat stick. In the event of a short rainy season and during dry months, where frog populations are limited, Kambȏ may be in short supply.

“A fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications, unequaled by any other amphibian.”
-Vittorio Erspamer

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For private 1:1 sessions, ceremonies for couples/pairs, or "micro dose" maintenance sessions, click the link below to apply for the Acate (Kambo) ceremony in Colorado.

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